ARSENAL Women has chosen Tupsley Girls to be a sister club for the season.

Tupsley Girl was founded in 2016 and is now the biggest all-girls football club in the county with nearly 200 players from under-eight to under-16 age groups.

Arsenal Women are the current FA Women’s Super League Champions.

As the season progresses, the Tupsley Girls will benefit from many opportunities and experiences including:

• Matchday tickets, with the chance for Tupsley players to be flag bearers and mascots.

• Training sessions with Arsenal Women’s coaching for some of our older age groups.

• An invitation to the Arsenal F.C. sister club tournament during the Easter holidays.

• A clear developmental pathway for Tupsley players as they progress and take the next step.

• Coaching workshops working alongside Arsenal F.C. staff to further develop Tupsley Girls F.C. coaches across all age groups.

• Arsenal F.C. session plans for Tupsley Girls F.C. coaches to use and adapt.

• Publicity via the Arsenal F.C. website and social media pages to help Tupsley Girls F.C. enhance their reputation and attract more new players.

Tom Hartley, Arsenal Women F.C. Development Manager said: "It is great that we can support young people at Tupsley Girls inspiring more girls to fall in love with the game.

"This is a great opportunity for clubs to get involved in the Arsenal Women’s Sister Club Programme as there is an increase in interest and support for girl’s football at the moment."