SUNDAY football in Herefordshire faces an uncertain future after this season's league has been disbanded with just one game played.

Credenhill Rangers beat Dorstone 8-1 in the opening match of the season earlier this month.

They were due to be joined by Harriers and Whitecross in a four-team Herefordshire Sunday League.

However, Dorstone have now chosen to join the Saturday County League Division Two.

Meanwhile, Credenhill Rangers and Harriers will merge and join.

The two sides will replace Malvern Cave and Lads Club Colts who have withdrawn from Division Two.

"To be honest Sunday mornings doesn't appeal to people," said Jim Lambert, of the Herefordshire FA.

"There are several reasons why including the late nightclubs and people don't want to volunteer.

"There is also a lack of sponsorship that Sunday teams used to get from pubs.

"People also want to play five or six-a-side football instead.

"People can play on a Monday night or a Thursday night rather than a Sunday.

"They can turn up and just play five-a-side. There is not nets to be put up or lines to be marked.

"So those things combined has seen Sunday football nosedive in the last three years.

"It's not just us but it's a trend nationally."