ONE of the five Hereford FC benefactors, Nigel Edmondson, has been appointed to the Hereford United Supporters’ Trust Board (HUST), subject to an affirmation vote at the HUST AGM.

Six vacancies were declared on the HUST board and five nominations were received.

Edmondson was one of the five elected onto the HUST board along with Jamie Howard, Richard Howard, Peter Sell and Michael Sessarego.

Edmundson was one of four initial benefactors who put £50,000 into the club when it was formed in 2014.

Each of the benefactors own 50,000 shares. HUST is the largest single shareholder currently at 190,000, with a target of reaching 289,000 by March 2020.

The five club benefactors select four directors to represent them on the club’s board while HUST nominate the other three directors to represent them, making a total of seven directors.