HEREFORD United Supporters' Trust (HUST) have supported those at Bury after their club were expelled from the Football League this week.

Richard Tomkins, Chairman of HUST and Council Member on the Football Supporters' Association has offered support to the Forever Bury Supporters' Trust.

"A good number of Hereford supporters will have visited Gigg Lane and recall matches over the years," said Tomkins.

"The sad situation at Bury FC brings back unhappy memories for Hereford United/Hereford FC fans.

"Historically, Bury appear to have spent beyond their means and as I understand it have a single owner, a fateful combination.

"The Football Supporters' Association has drawn attention to the Football League's somewhat light governance of its clubs.

"Bury fans have been kept hanging on almost cruelly. At least Hereford United were let go by the National League in a fairly forthright manner by comparison.

"I've expressed HUST support to Forever Bury Supporters' Trust offering the crumb of comfort that phoenix clubs can rise again.

"Of course, the rules of ownership need to be ironed out like at Hereford FC, where a variety of voices are now represented - benefactors, supporters' trust and other individual fans.

"No single shareholder will hold more than a 50 per cent stake. That privilege will also be afforded to HUST as we buy in (our current standing is 40 per cent). Consequently, dialogue is required between these stakeholders.

"There is never an absolute guarantee of long term success whatever the ownership model, but it's far better than the scenarios we're all too familiar with."

Hereford FC have also sent this message to Bury FC: "The thoughts of everyone here are with the fans and staff at Bury.

"It hurts now, but we are sure that they will be able to rebuild for a bright future."