HEREFORD interim manager Tim Harris hopes that the recruitment process for a new Head Coach or Manager ‘won’t take too long’.

Taking following his side’s 1-1 draw with Brackley Town, Harris said: “I had a conversation with the lads (the team) on Thursday night at training because after a period of time after it happens (Marc Richards being sacked) the players have remained focused and put in a couple of really good performances.

“I think what happens then is that names are batted around and different named are thrown around about coming in.

“I’ve said to them that they can’t affect it. We are in the middle of a process. Hopefully it won’t take too long. Then we will get on with it and get this show on the road.

When asked how close they are to a shortlist? Harris said: “We in the middle of a process which will hopefully be sooner rather than later, that’s all I’m prepared to say.”

When asked if his name will be in the frame (for the manager role)? Harris added: “Absolutely no chance.

“My role at the club is not to manage the club. My role, and what I feel I’m good at, is on the recruitment side and contracts side and supporting a manager or head coach, whatever it may be.”

When asked if he will be playing a role in the recruitment process? Harris added: “I’m part of the club’s process.

“My role here is not to be Manager of Hereford or Head Coach. My role is to assist the board in making decisions and I’ll be part of that.”