WOMAN are being encouraged to try their hand at American Football at a rookie day this weekend.

Like the men's side Hereford Stampede Ladies are hoping to join competitive action, but need more members.

Club captain Joan McLaughlin is encouraging all women to try the sport this Sunday (August 11) at Greyhound Rugby Club from noon.

"It's a male dominated sport so it is tough to get ladies down here to have a go," said McLaughlin.

"However, a lot of people who have turned up have really loved it.

"Before I joined I had never been part of any sports team and was inactive.

"I went along with a friend who wanted to have a go as a one off.

"I absolutely loved it, it's a really inclusive sport and there is a spot for everyone.

"There is a preconception that it's a physical sport but you don't have to be big, strong or tough and don't have to be a machine.

"There is a space for everybody on the team no matter your size.

"It's a great atmosphere at the club, a community feel and I love it."

The Hereford Stampede Ladies was formed last year and now has 10 regular members turning up for training.

McLaughlin says they need to double that number in order to join the women's competitive league.

"The ladies league is called the Sapphire Series which is a bit different to the men's game," she added.

"The league is seven-a-side compared to 11 in the men's game so you don't need quite as many numbers.

"Ideally we would have between 20 and 25 players as we need seven in offense, seven in defense and substitutes.

"At the moment we get about 10 people regularly training."

The ladies currently train on a Monday evening between 7pm and 9pm.

McLaughlin added that they would be looking to increase that if they get additional members.