YOUNG members of the Hereford and County AC

came away with a host of wins and personal bests from the Welsh Junior Athletics League.

Athletes travelled to Aberdare for the latest round where under-15 Charlotte Colbert won all three of her throwing events with personal bests.

Tom Hawkyard finished well clear of his nearest rivals to win the under-11 800 metres.

In the under-15s Eva Tyler and Jamie Stearman won their long jump events, with Zach Land coming first in the B string.

The team finished seventh on the day.

The next match is at Cardiff NIAC on July 27.


U 11 GIRLS: E.BENJAMIN – 75M 11.86(5A) 150M 24.24(7A) SHOT 4.73(3A); M.WHITNAL – 800M 3.15.64(7A) JAV 4.15(7A) LJ 2.85(7A);

Z.MICHNIOCK – 75M 12.49(5B) SHOT 2.80(7B) LJ 2.64; F.FOTI – 75M 13.37 150M 27.56 LJ 1.85

; H.ELLIS – 75M 12.87 150M 26.31(6B) LJ 2.71(3B); 4X100 RELAY 68.67 5TH.

U11 BOYS: F.TYLER – 800M 3.06.67 (6B) LJ 2.89(5B); T.HAWKYARD – 800M 2.40.22(1A) 150M 25.35(9A) LJ 2.97(6A); J.FOTI – 800M 3.32.76 150M 29.30(9B) LJ 2.20

U13 GIRLS: C.FATHERS – 100M 14.79(7A) LJ 3.79(3A) JAV 15.55(4A); T.MORGAN – 70MH 13.55(5A) LJ 3.54(4B); E.WILLIAMS – 100M 15.91 800M 3.03.61(8A) SHOT 4.39(4B); L.RONE – 100M 15.50(4B) 200M 33.17(7A) SHOT 5.39(6A)

U13 BOYS: B.HAWKYARD – 200M 31.17(3B) 800M 2.38.35(4A) SHOT 5.51(3B); L.FOX – 75MH 14.30(3A0 200M 29.88(7A) HJ 1.20(4A); J.H.ROBBIE – SHOT 7.10(3A); A.SWINDALE – 100M 15.10(6B) LJ 3.20 DISCUS 12.80(7A)

P.CLARKE – 100M 15.10 200M 33.45 LJ 3.26(5B); K.DUMARA – 100M 15.00(8A) LJ 3.68(5A) JAV 15.27(5A); 4X100 RELAY 60.25 4th.

U15 GIRLS: J.MORGAN – DISCUS – 15.08(3B) JAV 21.21(1B) LJ 3.53(3B); E.TYLER – 100M 12.94(5A) 200M 27.85(4A) LJ 4.61(1A); L.ELLIS – 75MH 20.40 (fell)(6A); E.WILLIAMS – 300M 48.98(7A) 800M 2.41.83(5A) JAV 11.89; E.SWINDALE – SHOT 5.55(7A) DISCUS 12.92 JAV 14.99; C.COLBERT – HAM 43.86(1A) JAV 38.39(1A) DISCUS 26.99(1A)

U15 BOYS: Z.LAND – 100M 13.34(5B) LJ 4.64(1B); J.STEARMAN – 100M 11.90(3A) LJ 4.90(1A); A.BROOKES – JAV 20.61(5A).