A CANADIAN youth netball team visited John Kyrle High School recently for two matches.

The Crescent Town Rebels were visiting the UK on a sports tour.

The Rebels are a team with whom John Kyrle have built strong links, thanks to their regular international sports tours to Canada over the past eight years.

In the first quarter, several mistakes saw John Kyrle struggle to settle and the Rebels scored some excellent goals to take an early lead.

In the second quarter several positional changes from both teams resulted in some excellent interceptions and kept the game close.

In the third and fourth quarter John Kyrle had scored several well taken shots from Lucy Davies and Phoebe Barber meaning the netball remained a very closely fought contest right up to the final whistle.

With only three goals in it at the end, John Kyrle claimed a narrow 12-9 victory.

The following evening, John Kyrle hosted another team from the same Canadian touring party.

John Kyrle’s team involved a selection of players aged 11 to 17 to reflect the age range of their opposition.

John Kyrle took an early lead, going 8-1 up in the first quarter with some accurate shooting from Carys Lowley and Jennifer Bell.

John Kyrle continued their dominance through the next three quarters, with several positional changes ensuring all players were well rested in the heat.

A final score of 22-8 did not truly reflect the ability of the opposition who worked hard defensively to limit John Kyrle’s scoring opportunities.