TOUGH tackling Kieran Thomas thinks that this seasons squad is stronger than 12 months ago.

After arriving from Gloucester City last summer Thomas played 39 matches last season for the Bulls.

When asked if he thought the team was stronger this summer? Thomas added: "Definitely yes.

"We look stronger now and have got a lot of experienced lads in with (Martin) Riley and Josh Gowling as well.

"We have got a lot of experience which we need in this league so are definitely stronger this year.

"The boys look good, obviously tonight (1-0 defeat to Cinderford Town) wasn't the best but the boys are looking good in training.

"We have got a lot of new players so we have got to gel together and it is going to take time.

"We have got a good bunch of lads here and hopefully we can push on."

The pre-season friendly at Cinderford saw Head Coach Marc Richards field two different sides of 11 players.

Thomas played in a midfield role similar to the one he finished last season.

When asked if he preferred that position to playing full-back? Thomas added: "I don't know it's up to the manager.

"I'm happy with whatever really I don't mind.

"Both teams (in either half) look good so it is going to be hard for (Marc) Richards and (Will) Morford to pick a good team."

Thomas returned to his hometown club Cinderford Town for Monday night's match.

He helped the Foresters win the Southern League Division One South and West title last season as captain before moving to Gloucester City.

"It was good to come back and see everyone as I had three years here," Thomas added.

"It was a shame about the result but it was good to come back. To be fair they played well and have got a good team here so I think they'll do well."