HEREFORD FC Chairman Andrew Graham said that the club has no time for fans 'chipping away in a negative manner' from the sidelines.

Speaking at a Meet The Chairman event on Friday night, newly appointed Graham said that he would listen to 'constructive' ideas and urged fans to engage with the club.

“We’re on a certain pathway and there is an opportunity for local people to engage with us and join us on our way," said Graham

"If they can offer constructive ways in which we can improve things, we will listen because together we can be a formidable force.

“At the same time, we don’t have time to stop for those who are chipping away in a negative manner.

“I will talk to any fan who has something constructive to say, be that praise or criticism, I like that passion, but I do not have time to pause for the negative people who chip away.

"People chipping away on the side will be responsible for any demise."

Graham applauded the job of previous chairman Ken Kinnersley for building a 'resilient ship' and said that he would continue to work on existing relationships made.

One of those is the plans for re-developing the Blackfriars End.

“We are working hard to build and strengthen relationships with various local organisations and charities, including the council," added Graham.

“It’s fundamental that we have a four-sided stadium. To achieve that we have to work closely with the people who can facilitate it – the local council.

“I am looking forward to seeing a positive outcome, of course, but there is a process that has to be followed and it will take time.”

Graham was also asked how the club going full-time could happen financially.

He said: “Going full-time is a bridge that will be crossed when the time is right.

“We wouldn’t do it at the expense of the security of the football club. It would be something that would be thoroughly evaluated by the board.

“The strategic planning of this club is significant and substantial.”

Commercial Director, George Webb added: “We’re always looking three or four years in advance and when we first started the club, we looked at other similar full-time clubs and the structures that they have in place.

“The first steps for going full-time were made a few years ago; it’s a progression where we work towards it slowly and responsibly so that it is sustainable and, like everything, we do our homework so that it is done properly.”

The Hereford Academy was highlighted as a key element for the club to turn full-time.

With Andy Bevan as the club's new Head Coach at the academy the club have 250 youngsters set to register this year.

That will include a new under-18 girls side that will play friendly matches next season.

“Producing our own players that we can eventually sell on is so important to clubs like ourselves," said Academy Chairman, Paul Quarrell.

"We’ll be having full-time scholars who are the future of this club and having Andy’s skillset on board is key to this.”