KEN Kinnersley has stepped down from his role as chairman of Hereford FC.

Kinnersley who started as a volunteer before taking the role as volunteers co-ordinator and then chief executive officer at the club in January 2016.

He was then appointed to the club’s board in December the same year and made chairman alongside his role as a director in January 2017 replacing Jon Hale.

Under his chairmanship Hereford FC have launched their academy and he has led discussions with Herefordshire Council regarding the infrastructure at Edgar Street, including plans for the Blackfriars end at the ground.

He is due to stand down from his position at the club on June 17.

Hereford will announce a replacement director and it is thought that a new chairman will be appointed within the next 10 days.

Speaking about the decision to the club’s website Kinnersley said: ““Something I will never forget was the outpouring of emotion from so many fans when we opened the club’s doors for the first time in 2015.

“Tears, hugs, much backslapping and shaking of hands, as thankfully out of despair there emerged hope and anticipation. Back then – all we had to offer was a dilapidated and filthy dirty stadium! We had neither a Safety Certificate, a league, a single player or even a ball to kick, yet, so many supporters all insisted you wanted to buy season tickets! 

“So, going back to the early days, I was then, and I remain extremely grateful to everyone for the support given to the club over the past four years. When we really needed help to kick-start the club, the fans responded, turning out in their droves on numerous weekends and evenings back in 2015 to assist in restoring the stadium.

“Not only did you willingly donate valuable time, but also tools, supplies, cleaning materials, and even other members of your family! Realistically, you supplied just about everything needed and some fans travelled many miles by various modes of transport to do so. I have the utmost admiration for your unwavering dedication and enthusiasm and the end product of your efforts was an essential element in bringing football back to Edgar Street. My sincere thanks to all of you who were involved in those early days.

“I would also like to express my sincere gratitude, and that of many other supporters, to the five Bulls fans who are the initial shareholders in Hereford FC. While four years on they continue to maintain a very low profile, nevertheless, I believe they deserve the gratitude of all Bulls supporters. Even though a number of them had already lost considerable sums with the demise of Hereford United, they have collectively “donated” £250,000 to ensure finance was available to secure the stadium and so return football to Edgar Street. 

“There is absolutely no doubt that without the important ‘start-up’ capital, Edgar Street would not be in use as a football stadium today. So, from the all the genuine fans who share my gratitude that once again we have a club to be proud of, simply, ‘Thank you, I will never forget.’

“Looking ahead, I hope the arrangements involving Pegasus Juniors FC and the new artificial playing facilities at Old School Lane will be of considerable benefit to the community as whole, the Academy and Hereford FC. I am particularly grateful to the Directors of Pegasus Juniors for the spirit of co-operation and goodwill that has underpinned all our discussions over the past year. I do believe the relationship will prove to be of significant benefit to the city in the years ahead.  

“To be honest, there are just too many people who deserve a special mention for me to do so now. I thank you all for the support, advice, guidance, encouragement, counselling and criticism I have received over the past four years. You will know who you are, and I extend my sincere thanks to those who have been willing to express their opinion and views to me personally.  

“I wish my former, fellow Directors, and every member of the office and playing staff the very best of health and good fortune along with my sincere thanks for your loyalty and support.

“Finally, I would like to say a word or two to everyone who volunteers at Edgar Street. Your dedication and reliability, no matter what the weather, is an inspiration to us all. The competence you demonstrate and your commitment to the club is proof positive that you are an integral part of everything we are trying to achieve. It has been a pleasure to work with you all and I will be forever in your debt for both your individual and collective contribution to Hereford FC.”