HEREFORD FC have increased their ‘football budget’ by 40 percent as they aim for at least a play-off place next season.

Speaking to the club’s website Hereford United Supporters’ Trust nominated director Mick Merrick said despite the increase the club would not blow the club’s reserves on ‘big ticket’ players.

“We are really ambitious but we’re not going to let the club go bust trying to do it,” said Merrick.

“We’re not going blow our reserves and our budget on bringing in big ticket managers or players.

“We’ve seen that doesn’t really work and we have to grow into the Football League and sustainably. That means living within our means and sustainably.

“Frankly we are well off because of our fantastic supporters which provide the funding to attract players and hopefully make our way towards the Football League in the not so distant future. I wouldn’t put a time on it but we need to be playing challenging football.

“Fifty per cent was the increase in budget from going into last season and this season we are looking at a 40 percent increase going into the football budget, that is significant.”

Merrick said that the management team are currently working towards players that will ‘get people excited’ next season.

He added: “Everybody works hard around this club and they (the management) are working particularly hard to make sure they put in place the sort of plan and bring in the players that are going to get people excited next year.

“We want to be in the play-offs and challenging for promotion. This will be the first season that it will be their (the managements) players and our team collectively and hopefully challenging.

“There has been quite a lot of activity going on to try and recruit the right type of players. Everybody wants to get into the Football League there is no doubt that is what everybody here wants to do.”