COUNTY martial arts fighters came away with a haul of medals when they recently competed in the British Kendo Association UK Nationals for Iaido & Jodo.

Iaido is the art of drawing and cutting in one action with the Japanese sword, and Jodo is the 'art of the stick' and is used to defend against a sword.

In the Iaido category Herefordshire Dojo's member Mark Snowdon took gold in the 3rd Dan event while David Griffiths won a silver medal in the 2nd Dan section.

Snowdon again took gold in his category in the Jodo competition and was part of the winning Asahi Cup Team with Griffiths and Mark Thurman.

Griffiths also won individual gold in the Jodo 1st Dan while partnering Snowdon to silver in the two-man team category.

Thurman won bronze in the 2nd Dan event and won a two-man team fighting spirit medal.

Snowdon and Griffiths have represented the Great Britain team abroad for both Iaido and Jodo several times.

If you are interested in Iaido and learning how to use a traditional Japanese sword, or Jodo then you are welcome to go along to the club to experience it first hand.

The group train at Saxon Hall, Hoarwithy Road, Hereford between 8pm and 10pm.

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