A HEREFORDSHIRE golf club is working with a mental health charity to help people discover how the sport can improve their wellbeing.

Burghill Valley Golf Club and the Herefordshire branch of Mind have been brought together to run a 'Calm Golf' initiative.

Mind will use the club as a meeting place for people with mental health problems and they will have the opportunity to take Get into Golf courses, building on the link between physical activity and wellbeing.

David Harding, support and development manager at Herefordshire Mind said: “We are delighted to be working with Burghill Valley Golf Club and England Golf on Calm Golf. "Research proves that learning a new skill, being outdoors, physical activity and social interaction all help improve mental wellbeing. We are excited to be leading the way in Herefordshire with such supportive partners.”

The club, which was one of the finalists at the England Golf Awards 2019, has signed the Calm Pledge, launched by the Sports Partnership Herefordshire & Worcestershire.

It is designed to encourage sports clubs to provide safe spaces for people with mental health needs.

Jo Edgley, from Burghill Valley Golf Club, said: “Our ethos is to make the club accessible to all, and to be welcoming and a safe environment for visitors and participants. There are huge physical benefits of playing golf but there is also medical evidence to suggest that golf can help alleviate mental health issues, and overall improve one’s health and general wellbeing.”

Club members who want to support the scheme as 'buddies' will have the opportunity to attend volunteer workshops.

The golf club and Mind were brought together by England Golf Club Support Officer Mark Romasiuk.

He added: “Being able to bring Burghill Valley and Herefordshire MIND together on a project that will support the local community is a great thing. Golf, as a sport, can bring so many benefits to people locally, so in my role as a Club Support Officer I’m very excited to be able to support this project.”