THE Hall Family once again proved one of the toughest on the martial arts circuit when they came away with a host of medals from a recent tournament.

Chief Instructors Mr & Mrs Hall competed along with their children Lachlan and Bella, and their assistant instructor Dan Sneddon recently took part in the ITC Open.

Sneddon had a particularly tough category but earned himself a gold medal.

For Lachlan and Bella this was their first open tournament. Both showed great spirit in their categories.

Lachlan unfortunately just missed out on a medal, while Bella earned a silver in her category.

Mr Hall fought his was to a gold in his sparring category whilst also achieving a gold in patterns.

Mrs Hall entered as her first attempt in destruction (board breaking) and took the gold place, whilst also earning a gold and silver in her sparring categories.

The Hall family said: "People do not always think of martial arts as a family activity, however it couldn't be more so.

"The tenets in the foundations of taekwondo (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit) fully support a true family ethos.

"Martial arts can start children on a good grounded spirit and can increase their confidence and independence along with it.

"Family classes are available with Hall Family at Hereford Academy (Tuesday 6pm) and the Point4 (Friday 6.30pm).

For further information please contact Mr and Mrs Hall by emailing: