PLAYERS from across Herefordshire's clubs worked together and earned a draw against a young FA Select XI side.

Manager by Hereford legend Rob Purdie and playing assistant Ryan Green the HFA side led through a Jamie Molyneux strike until an 80th minute Ben Whitehead equaliser.

Earlier in the tie James Roberts' powerful penalty cancelled out Shaquille Leachman-Whittingham's headed opener.

“I thought we did really well and in the first half we were probably the better side, the game plan worked and we tried to get James Roberts into a pocket and break on them,"said Purdie following the HFA 125th year anniversary match.

“We probably created four or five good chances and nullified them apart from a set piece.

"In the second half they probably got a bit more control on the game and we have a lot of lads who haven’t been playing recently especially the lads from Hereford.

“The other lads aren’t used to playing at the same standard and tempo as the England boys so as we got tired they got a bit more control.

“Apart from the goal and a few long range shots I thought we contained them really well.

"I said to them before the game that some people wouldn’t want to be here on a Tuesday night, especially the Hereford boys who are out of the squad and travelling a long way when all the other boys are off.

“I can’t commend them enough for the attitude they gave me as they worked hard and the same with the rest of the lads.

“Some people might have some preconceptions about some of the players they were playing with and myself as well but everybody put in 100 per cent and worked hard together and I think we were good enough for the draw in the end.

“It’s good practice for everybody and better than a training session."

The night wasn’t as successful for John Mills who earned a first half penalty before putting it wide on his return to Edgar Street.

Purdie added: “I think it was a bit of a touch and dive by Mills, I was speaking to Harvey (Rivers) after it.

"I made a joke before who was on penalties and he said me.

“You win some, you lose some and he had a few half decent chances but in the second half he was isolated up there.

“It was nice to see Mills back at Edgar Street and he did well for us.”

Purdie remained on the bench as an unused substitute but said he enjoyed the occasion.

He added: “I looked at it and the game going how it was I would have had to bring somebody off and I thought that would have been a little bit unfair to the lads who have played.

“I was happy on the side-lines and enjoyed it.”

Herefordshire XI: Hill, Gwynne, Rawlings, Wharton, Green (Plane 71), Edwards (Khaki 59), Finn (Wildig 81), Dinsley, Mills (Jones 83), Roberts, Molyneux (Moreira 63)

Subs: Purdie