VETERAN skier Colin Tucker is continuing to prove that age isn't a barrier as he challenges the best in the world.

The 72-year-old is riding high in the overall FIS Alpine Masters World Cup this year in fourth place overall with just under half the season remaining.

Despite having less time on the slopes training this winter Tucker has picked up several good finishes and podium spots in Switzerland and Croatia.

"This season has to be treated as a recovery season for me as I have not had time to fully train," said Tucker

"Despite this I am more than pleased with my races where I have been generally consistent.

"My podium places didn’t come easily, leaving me with feelings of exhaustion and elation.

It's all down to how this inspires, motivates and helps me to be a better person.

"My goal is to be a true contender every time I step into the start, and to have the kind of longevity in my career that will allow me to look back when all is said and done and say that – for a vast majority of the duration of my career – I was able to compete and fight for my highest step rather than being sidelined by getting burnt out.

"Which means not competing beyond my capacity, and personal care."

FIS Alpine Masters World Cup consists of 44 alpine races in 12 countries, they include Super G, Giant Slalom, and Slalom.

There are 380 athletes worldwide, registered with FIS in Tucker's age group with 41 competitors gaining top 15 places this season.

Competitors travel from North and South America, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Russia, Scandinavia, and all the alpine countries of Europe.

After last weekends races in Germany there have been 23 races completed.

Three of the top five competitors overall are German with Ofner Helmut, from Austria, leading the standings.

Tucker added: "The stats dehumanise the sport, and make it all sound too easy.

"What I see and experience is an enormous mixture of work, training, joy, heartache, motivation, laughs, stress, sleepless nights, triumph, pain, doubt, certainty, more doubt, more work, challenging conditions, snow chains, more training, surprises, long drives through the night, wonderful journeys, expense, more work, adventure, and some races mixed in there."