NUNEATON manager Jimmy Ginnelly compared the financial difference between Hereford and his side as similar to that of Adidas and Aldi.

He handed debuts to three players at Edgar Street this afternoon after financial problems led to midfielder Carl Baker leaving.

Ginnelly gave debuts to Taylor Allen, Josh Lundstram and Cody Prior who only joined the club earlier this week

“We had some bad news last Saturday and had to get rid of Carl Baker because he was on good money,” added Ginnelly.

“We used that money to get three lads which goes to show you what I’ve got to do. I’ve got to juggle the figures all the time.

“Two trained Thursday night for 45 minutes and the lad from Doncaster (Cody Prior) I met him this morning in the car park and walked past him.

“We’ve got five lads out there under-19 and six under-20. Taylor Allen is from Romulus which shows where we’re shopping at the moment. It might sound crazy but Hereford shop at Adidas and we shop at Aldi at the moment.

“The club come first and the team will come second. We want the team and the club to be great. If we haven’t got a club then we won’t have a team.

“We’ve just got to balance it out and see where we finish at the end of the season. It looks inevitable that relegation is staring at us but we’re big believers and we will keep going until it’s over."