THE sport of bridge is very much alive in the county with participation levels remaining strong.

Ross Bridge Club is one of those clubs, with over 135 members, they have continued to enjoy another year of duplicate bridge with good attendances at both Monday evening and Friday afternoon sessions held at the Larruperz Community Centre.

The club's membership is reflected in the work of a dedicated committee and a 'collective spirit' among its members based upon teamwork and helping one another.

Jo Baker as club chairman, Roy Milnes as tournament director, Chris Chowney as secretary, with Rosie Wilson as membership secretary and Linda Blunt playing supportive roles.

The club also benefits in having Denise Robertson who has special responsibilities for the running of the Friday bridge sessions.

Recently members of the Friday club competed in their annual Byron Webber Shield event, now in its 21st year, which was established by long standing member Pat Webber to remember and commemorate her late husband Byron and his influences at the Friday afternoon Bridge tables which are still remembered with fondness.

With seven tables taking part in a competitive duplicate bridge environment it was Jo Baker and Rochelle Nash who found themselves at the top of the final results table with a 57.29 per cent score.

They narrowly took victory from Rosemary Gabb and Tony Cockbain with 56.94 per cent and joint third placings Denise Robertson and Mike Taylor and Mary Smith and Arthur Durrant close behind with 56.60 per cent.

For Baker her name will appear on the trophy for the second time having been a winner in 2009 with the late Pam Jenkins. Nash is in her first year with the Ross club so her success provides a special sense of achievement.

The club's annual Christmas Party held at the Larruperz Centre saw 54 members celebrating the festive season and 'fun Bridge' followed a meal provided by a team of members organised and coordinated by Linda Blunt.

Roy Milnes ensured that there was an abundance of fun prizes for various achievements at the bridge tables with the main beneficiaries on the night being Ann Stirrup and Jim Kane, Steve Lawrence and Ben Britton along with Keith Ray and Jane Winney.

Latest Results Friday Club Duplicate (January 4): N/S: 1. Tony Cockbain & Richard Price 62.80%; 2. Pat & Mel Phillips 62.50; 3. Denise Robertson & Lindsay Ray 58.93.

E/W: 1. Richard Manuel & Jane Russell 59.52%; 2. Lisa Digings & Pat Johnson 55.06; 3. Keith Ray/Pat Morris 52.68.