HEREFORD Taekwondo members had an excellent end to 2018 when they took a host of titles and 20 medals from the Welsh Closed Championships.

Leading the way was Kelly Marshall who finishes the year as World, British and Welsh Champion along with taking a bronze medal in patterns.

Laura Rackauske followed her lead by taking gold in sparring and tag team while also clinching a bronze in patterns.

Julie Hadley took silver in tag team and sparring, while Adam Janczewski was also a silver medalist in sparring and patterns.

Also taking silver medals in the tag teams and bronze in sparring were Ben Mason and Hannah Hadley.

Ben Hargreaves took silver in patterns and Daniel Janczewski also picked up silver in tag teams.

Patryk Janczewski who bronze in both sparring and patterns while Rob Pizii, Miral Miral Hasan Ahmed and Malak Abdallah won bronze in sparring

If you interested in taking up Taekwondo with the Hereford club please call Master Dave Sheppard 7th Dan on 07966 429392.