HEREFORD legend Ryan Green has decided to 'take a break' from the football pitch, but hasn't ruled out a return if his new scouting role doesn't work out.

The 38-year-old defender, who had two spells with Hereford United before joining the reformed club in its first season, has helped Hereford FC to three titles in the last three years.

However, after only starting three in 11 matches under the new management and struggling with the demands of training twice a week and travelling to away matches from his Cardiff home, Green has decided to take a break from the competitive game.

"The decision has been over the last three or four weeks to be honest," said Green.
"It has been due to a mixture of training on 3G but travelling to matches is the main thing as you are looking at least a five hour journey from Cardiff to most games and then one and a half hours later you are playing.
"That's not good for anybody especially a 38-year-old. The training more often has also made it a bit more difficult.
"We have been doing a lot of training and turning a corner as a team. I never wanted to leave the playing side but it's the right time at the moment.
"The management have brought in another centre-back and the way I was feeling after training and travelling, it all added up.
"Personally I know for a fact that I could play for another two years but it is right to take a break at the moment.
"I haven't retired and can as well come back as I'm fit enough, but my body needs a rest. I'm more than fit enough for this level."

Green will remain involved with Hereford FC in the immediate future after accepting a scouting role aimed at identifying potential new players for the Bulls. 

He added: "I'm happy to be involved with the club and although I'm upset to stop playing I'm glad to still be involved," he added.
"I've been given a scouting job but if Tim (Harris) doesn't think I'm the right person then I might get my boots back on.
"I love football and watching football all the time. I love going to matches and watching games on television."

Despite having a brief period as interim manager after the departure of Pete Beadle earlier this season the defender has ruled out any future in the management side of the game.

The club has rewarded Green for his contributions to both the old and reformed Hereford club with a testimonial.
The defender says that he will remember fondly the Wembley FA Vase final and moments in the Midlands Football League  while playing for Hereford FC.

However, he says that the stand-out moment in his playing career was his winning extra-time strike in the Conference Play-Off Final to regain Hereford United their Football League status in 2006.

"To be honest it was a tired shot which could have gone anywhere but lucky for me it went into the top corner," Green added.
"I was getting cramp and all sorts and you see many shots like that get lost in the stand, but lucky for me and my team it went in.
"The two previous seasons we had been unlucky in the play-offs. So it was third time lucky and for me to score it was a moment I will never forget."