HEREFORD runners have raised money towards a sculpture to commemorate a man who defied the rules and won amateur raced despite being banned.

John Tarrant was known as the ‘Ghost Runner’ as he was never officially recognised by the authorities because he accepted £17 as a teenager boxer, which meant that the Amateur Athletic Association banned him from taking part in any races.

Tarrant would often defy the rules and would turn up – and then win – the races he was barred from entering.

He even broke the world record at both 40 and 100 miles.

Tarrant's legacy lives on through the Hereford Ghost Runners training group who meet every Monday evening at Hereford Leisure Centre coached by Nicola Tyler and Lisa Ruck with many of the senior runners who have progressed to run for many clubs across Hereford.

Hereford Couriers have put their support behind a local campaign to create a sculpture in honour of Tarrant with a £250 donation.

Club chairperson Mike Link said: “Hereford Couriers Running club owe so much to the Hereford Ghost Runners.

"We would not be the vibrant club that we are today without the close bond we have, much of the success of our club has come directly from the legacy that John Tarrant has left behind including the athletes that were initially coached by John’s brother Vic.

"Those very same athletes have become the coaches of the Ghost Runners in Nicola and Lisa, with many Couriers benefitting and improving from the Ghost Runners training group we felt it was only right to show our thanks and support to a project that not only honours the greatest running athlete to run the streets of Hereford but also to a symbol of inspiration for future runners.”