MARC Richards is 'special’ at developing players, according to Hereford's Director of Football Tim Harris

Richards will bring with him assistant manager Will Morford and one other member of backroom staff.

Richards is also Assistant Director of Elite Sport at Hartpury University and Hartpury College and holds a UEFA A licence and was involved in the development of Jimmy Oates and Mustapha Bundu

“We interviewed four very good candidates who all could have done the job," said Hereford's director of Football Tim Harris

"Marc is a very intelligent young man who is going to have a great future in the game.

“He’s an excellent coach and can develop players and we need to put a structure into our game which I can’t really see in the two or three games I’ve seen.

“We need to work hard on the training ground to increase their fitness levels and generally put a game plan in place.

“I’ve worked with him before so know his strengths and I said to the board that this guy is special, he has developed some really good players who have gone on to play international football over a sustained period.

“His coaching and attention to detail along with his backroom staff will give this club a really big lift.

“I said to the board I’m going to put him in front of you and you’ve got to make the decision because ultimately this is a progress and we’ve got to move forwards.

“In his role assistant lead director of sport at Hartpury College he has the ability to do what we need to do here which is why I see him as a good fit.

“We are part-time football club but need to probably increase the training with the players to try and quickly move things forwards.

“He is bringing two people with him including Will Morford but he’s probably not somebody I would get excited about scoring goals but he could still do a job on the pitch.

“The combination of the two of them work very well together."