INTERIM Head of Football Gareth Davies told his players to impress their future management team during Hereford’s 0-0 draw with Truro City.

After being brought in following the departure of Pete Beadle the senior qualified coach was in the dugout on Saturday alongside player/manager Ryan Green.

With the new Head of Football Tim Harris set to look at Head Coach applications in the coming week Davies said that applicants would have been watching the game with interest.

“I said to the players don’t think that you are in a vulnerable situation at the moment but if you want to earn your shirt go and show the next Head Coach because I guarantee they will be in the stand watching today because that’s football," said Davies

“The next individual or pair that come in will want to know what they are going to work with."

Davies said that he was shocked to hear about the sacking of Beadle but has been honoured to take on the interim role and has ruled out the possibility of taking on the job permanently.

Talking about when he was told about the sacking, he added: “I was like are you sure you’ve made the correct decision? But you just don’t know, you either move on because the club move you on or make a decision to move on.

“It’s done and dusted, that’s all the past now and within a week I’ll be chip paper too. That’s the way football works in 24 hours a lot of things change and in a week a lot of things change.

“I’ve come in on an interim basis, short term, to help the club out and I’ve enjoyed it. "The club felt I could do a job because of my qualifications and experience and I would be passionate as a supporter for over 40 years.

“They knew what they were going to get from me and when I walk away I can do having given everything like the players have today.”

“The board and volunteers have been great, personal message from fans because they know how much the club means to me.

“It has been an honour and privilege to do it so far and if I’m still involved on Wednesday or Saturday it will be nice to end on a couple of positive wins.”

Despite the side’s injury problems which saw full-back Kieran Thomas come into midfield against Truro he says the team is in a good place for the new management.

He added: “It has been a lot of crisis management and not me bringing in my philosophy or my style of play but managing the players as we’ve got suspensions and injuries and I hope the fans actually take them into account.

“Those players on the pitch are really putting in a good heavy shift at the moment and today they have set their bar on how hard they need to work, how hard they need to work and how high they need to jump.

“They have really put themselves in a good place where whoever comes in to take on these players have got a base and foundation to build on things.

“If you are going to pick the bones out of things it will be can we improve our final third entries. Be more positive and get more bodies into the box but we looked tighter out of possession and on set pieces against.

“It’s just really tidying up things like when we’ve got set-pieces how can we be more creative on dead ball and during players finding pockets of space.

“That will probably come when the new coaching team are put in place as it’s very difficult for me in implement that we we’ve only got the players the odd hour or two for training and you match prep before the game.

“Everything today was all about injuries but everybody who has come in today and filled in has done really well today.

“Nobody can knock the players attitude from today’s performance and those who have stepped in maybe into roles a little bit alien to them what we asked them to do they did well.

“Kieran Thomas is a different type of player than we’ve had in there before and he shows great energy and effort. He excites me from what I’ve seen but whoever the new coaching team are might have been something totally different.”