HEAD of Football Tim Harris said that he wants Hereford FC to turn full-time ‘sooner rather than later’ as he prepares to spearhead a new era at the club.

The 58-year-old former Newport County manager who was born in Dymock on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border took on his role this week.

His first job will be to sift through between 60 and 70 applications for the Head Coach role before recommending a handful to the club’s board.

“As much as momentum is great reality tells me there comes a stage when you've got to plateau and without being unkind that's where Hereford are at this present moment in time,” said Harris

"We all know what we want, but it is going to take time, fans don't want to hear the words being patient but I will say look at York City.

"It took them eight years to get out of the National League they got into the Football League and two years later got relegated and another year relegated again.

"It's not a case of boom and bust but there has to be a plan and a development and everybody has to grow.

"I've experienced the transition from part-time to full-time as if this club is going to get back into the Football League it needs to be full-time.

"Because when you train, at this moment in time, once a week at the level we are playing at it is not acceptable.

When asked how long until Hereford turn full-time.

Harris added: "Sooner rather than later.

"However, long that's going to be we need to make sure the structure is right.”

Harris said that he needs to be able to work closely with the new Head Coach.

"We've had 60 or 70 applicants now and looking at the calibre of applicants who have applied is superb. The problem is what are they thinking of Hereford FC? What are their expectations?

"Do they think it's a league club with a budget that's fantastic or use it as a platform for their next job.

“It's managing their expectations and making sure we find the right fit for this football club where it is today.

"Ideally we would like somebody with the experience of this level and the levels above. Ideally we would like someone who can develop players so that we can look down the route of developing those.

"It's about getting the balance on and off that pitch. The most important thing is that I've got to be able to work with them. I worked with three manager at Newport in Dean Holdsworth, Anthony Hudson and Justin Edinburgh. We had a terrific relationship and a very successful period so that's the key to it.

"I'm going to sift through these applications and put to the board my recommendations of possibly three or four people that I can work with.

"And then we will make a decision from there hopefully sooner rather than later but there's no time-scale on it and we don't want to rush in but if we can get it done quickly then it's important for the football club where it's currently situated.

When asked if Harris would be on the side-lines with the Head Coach, he added: "It's not necessary if I get the right structure.

"I'm not precious about being in the dugout but what I am conscious of is that we need to look at recruitment and get a chief scout in looking and finding the little gems out there that we can bring in and help develop and hopefully get success on the pitch and then sell them to progress the club."

Harris has warned Hereford fans that they will need to be patient in order for the club to progress to towards the Football League.

He added: "Momentum is one thing and reality is another and where we sit in this moment in time is a big league. You can't just throw money at it.

"You have got to have a proper structure, development, a scouting network and it's all got to come together and can't be dysfunctional.

"Having experienced the National League North, South and Premier and having being part of Newport County for five years as Director of Football and helping them achieve the goal of getting back into the football league I know it's not easy.

"Whilst the momentum is fantastic and what has been achieved you can't take anything away the important thing now is that next step.

"When you look at Stockport County and the history behind them they have really struggled to get out of this league.”

Harris said that the Head of Football job came at the right time after he left Tamworth following the departure of friend Mike Fowler from the Head Coach role

"Timing sometimes in life is all about being in the right place at the right time and the situation was that the Redditch move wasn't the right fix for me or Redditch, said Harris.

"Over the summer my friend Mike Fowler got the job at Tamworth, he captained my sides at Newport County, Merthyr Tydfill and Gloucester City.

"I didn't want to be out of football so decided to help him out more as a consultant than day to day. Unfortunately Mike resigned and I met the Chairman Bob Andrews and I said it just wasn't right for me.

"A few days later Pete Beadle has left his position and I got approached last weekend to ask if I would be interested in a chat.

"When I sat down and saw the plan these guys had of what they want to do and to change the philosophy it was a too good opportunity to turn down.

"When I was a youngster my father and uncle used to bring me to Edgar Street so I have quite a close affinity with the club anyway from all those years ago.

"When you are a youngster a football club becomes quite impressionable on you and as you grow up you never forgot those times.

"To have the opportunity to come in and help progress this club and hopefully take them back into the Football League is a fantastic opportunity for me and one that I'm really looking forward to.

"All I can say is lets get this show on the road. What has gone on has gone on and I can't change that, it's been very successful and we're now moving into another era lets get behind it and see where it takes us."