A HEREFORD FC Director has said that the only reason for sacking Pete Beadle was the club’s ambition to get back into the football league.

Andrew Graham, a Hereford United Supporter Trust nominated director and the club’s nominated FA respect director wrote the comments on Facebook this afternoon.

He said: “Anyone that knows me will know that I won’t be sitting around a table to make the numbers up and I will always put the fans and club first.

“I understand that there will always be room for speculation when there’s a belief that things aren’t as transparent as people wish them to be. Hence the immediate call for a Director / fans forum. Let’s get things out into the open, let’s continue to build on what has been done, listening to the fans.

“I respect your views, albeit some are fairly direct and critical of me also (as I am a board member) but then I have to also respect the fact that I am answerable to the fans, as no club succeeds without the supporters that underpin it.

“I enjoy reading all the opinions and views, even the ones that criticise me as a board member and everyone has the right to criticise.

“The entire board that I have been working with, works tirelessly for one objective and that is to get us back to the football league.

“Therein lies the only reason for the parting of company.

“I can categorically state that the reason for any silence is that Peter Beadle and Steve Jenkins have employment contracts and that we are aware that they will make a statement next week.

“It wouldn’t be ethical for us to say anything ahead of that. I’m sure you’d understand that this is the right way to approach it.”