LEA Wood’s Pickup Truck title aspirations took a hefty blow at Snetterton when engine failure put him out for the weekend as he led the opening race.

Qualifying for the two races had gone fairly well with the Hereford driver taking the fastest time by 0.8 secs and setting the a Pickup record time at the circuit.

Wood said it was an "excellent but very close start" and, as they charged through Riches on the opening lap, he managed to pass Scott Bourne.

By lap six it was any one from three for the lead but a collision put Wood in front.

“I was clear in the lead and had set the fastest lap, all seemed to going well until I started to hear a noise from my transmission," he said.

"I thought it was the gearbox, but as I came passed the pits I could feel the engine starting to tighten.

"I carried on for a couple more corners and then switched off and parked it.”

The race was over and Wood was left on the sidelines too.

“It was worse though as Scott got back on to finish fourth and won the second race, so I am down to third in the Championship now,” he added.