A HEREFORD United legend who scored the winning extra-time goal in the FA Cup giant killing victory over Newcastle United has been jailed for two years.

Richard George also known as Ricky George, now 72, of Hadley Grove, Barnet, was found guilty alongside his son Adam George of money laundering.

The pair laundered money through their bank accounts, which were the proceeds of a fraudulent house sale. A third man, Charles Jogi, was also convicted for the same offence.

Adam George received £120,000 into a business account from his father, Richard George. The money was then laundered through his own bank account and that of his father and Charles Jogi, his father’s friend.

The money was part of a fraud, in which a house was sold for £250,000 without the knowledge or consent of the unwitting owner.

Adam George was sentenced to 15 month in prison and Richard George was sentenced to two years in prison under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Charles Jogi, aged 57, of Hill Close, Stanmore, was also sentenced under the Proceeds of Crime Act and ordered to complete 200 hours of unpaid work. He was also given a community order.

Investigator Alan Mordey, from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Serious Fraud and Cybercrime Unit, said: "The house was sold without the owner’s knowledge and the purchaser lost £250,000, which led him to have a heart attack when he found out he was a victim of the fraud, which he thankfully survived.

"The fraudster used fake ID, which was verified by a solicitor, to get the housing deeds from the Land Registry. He then used a different solicitor to conduct the sale. On the behest of Richard George, Adam George accepted the money into his company account and dispersed it as directed by his father. Of the £120,000, £110,000 was withdrawn in cash by the three of them and passed to an unknown third party."