A GRANT application for a 3G pitch at Pegasus Juniors' Old School Lane is due to be submitted after the club announced a joint community-focused initiative with Hereford FC.

The agreement will see the Old School Lane side used by the Hereford FC Academy teams and as base for their community work.

Pegasus Juniors will continue with their football teams and senior side which will be supported by Hereford FC.

The initiative hopes to move forward to finalise grant aided funding and other legal requirements towards the installation of a 3G pitch.

With the considerable work already undertaken by Pegasus it is hoped that a new 3G pitch at Old School Lane might be installed by start of the 19/20 season.

Speaking to the Hereford FC official website today Bulls Chairman Ken Kinnersley said: “This is fantastic news for all involved and particularly the local community.

"I am extremely grateful to the Pegasus Directors Mark Williams and Alan Savoury, indeed to all involved at Pegasus for their enthusiasm and commitment to making this possible.

“Hereford FC was established to be a ‘community’ club but at every turn over the past three seasons, we have been thwarted by the lack of suitable facilities.

"With only the Edgar Street pitch available it has not been possible to engage with, let alone move forward with the HFC community project until now!"

Pegasus Juniors Director Mark Williams added: “We are very proud of what has been achieved at Old School Lane over the years which is due entirely to the tireless work and dedication of loyal and respected volunteers who are the lifeblood of the club.

"We already have excellent community credentials through our youth teams but we were well aware that Hereford FC was in need of playing facilities both for their Academy teams and as a base for their community work.

“Old School Lane is already used almost to capacity so the 3G pitch Pegasus have been working towards will be essential in increasing the capacity for matches, training and community engagement.

“When we started discussions with Hereford FC it soon became evident that both clubs had similar aims and objectives and that working together we could achieve more than if the two clubs continued to work in isolation.

“The opportunity to be involved in a much wider and inclusive community-based initiative that will, hopefully, both benefit and provide enjoyment to those less fortunate is something Pegasus welcome and we look forward to our partnership with Hereford FC.

Kinnersley added: “Hereford FC and Pegasus are a natural fit in many ways, geographically, philosophically and ethically and more importantly there exists a genuine and mutual respect between the two boards. The clubs are both ‘not for profit’ and both are supported by dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. The clubs have the same aims and objectives and the new venture will be a joint partnership on equal terms.

“Access to the excellent facilities at Old School Lane will enable HFC Community Director Andrew Graham to move towards recruiting a Community Manager and we will now be able to move forward with the many and various community groups who we believe will benefit in a variety of different ways from the services we aim to start providing in the next 12 months.

“Following a considerable period of negotiation, the ‘Heads of Terms’ that define the relationship and how it will operate have been agreed. This means that Pegasus and HFC are content that safeguards are in place to protect the interests of both partners.

"Of course, we are very well aware that reaching an agreement is just the beginning and there will be a plethora of operational matters to be identified, discussed and solutions agreed in the coming weeks and months."