HEREFORD taekwondo fighters have been busy training in order to progress through their Dan grades.

A black belt grading is an intense process in which a team of examiners assess the ability of the students in a gruelling physical and theoretical test. Each Dan grade syllabus increases in complexity covering aspects such as traditional line work, patterns, physical sparring (including two onto one sparring), self defence (including defence against knife attacks), destruction (board breaking), Korean theory and a written thesis.

Years of preparation go on behind the scenes before the student is even considered ready for this experience.

Recent promotions include: Sarah Walsh, Jason Winney, and father and son team Jordan and Duane Haggett (all first Dan), Kieran Williams and Jon Walsh (both second Dan), Dan Sneddon (third Dan), Hall family instructor Sarah Hall (fifth Dan).

The Hall Family Taekwon-Do are extremely proud of the achievements and are continuing their hard work. If you are interested in becoming a part of this team email or visit