FORMER Hereford striker John Mills was fined for betting on football matches during his time playing at Edgar Street.

The forward admitted placing bets on 166 football matches between October 1, 2014 and May 24, 2017.

Mills signed for Hereford FC in July 2015 before leaving for Bath City last month.

Following the FA Misconduct Relating to Betting hearing in December last year Mills was warned about his future conduct and fined £400.

None of the bets placed related to matches that Mills played in, was due to play in, or that featured Hereford FC.

A statement from the club said: "Hereford FC supported John throughout the investigation and both the club and John co-operated fully with the FA.

"Whilst not condoning his actions, after speaking to John in detail, the club’s Directors were satisfied that he was taking responsibility for his mistakes through a guilty plea.

"The punishment handed down by the FA was accepted in full by John and the club and everyone concerned considered this the end of the matter."