A RIDING school tucked away in the South Herefordshire countryside has become a safe-heaven for those with disabilities and a place where they have learnt to showcase their talents.

Redbrook Farm, near Hoarwithy, is becoming renowned in the riding world for its work with people with disabilities and this year alone the centre has seen 18 riders qualify for the Riding for the Disabled Association National Championships.

The event which is a springboard for Paralympic hopefuls will see hundreds of competitors from across the country battle it out over three days at Hartpury College later this month.

Redbrook Farm is ran by Jo and Janet Alderton after the pair moved from their Credenhill base to Hoarwithy three years ago.

They teach a range of competitive and non-competitive pupils of all ages.

"We can work on a one-to-one basis here and can identify and meet their needs," said owner and Ride 2 Achieve RDA head coach Janet.

"We cater for a range of disabilities including people with physical, learning and mental health disabilities or a combination of those.

"We are one of the best centres in the country, we don't have all singing and dancing facilities but are good at what we do. We meet the individual needs for people and some aspire to something higher outside of just riding."

One of the riders who has already achieved national honours from the centre is Megan Pritchard, from Peterchurch, who is the current Visually Impaired National Champion.

Those at the stable said that riding has 'changed their lives' and the sport lets them feel free from their disability as they can be totally in charge of the horse.

Currently the centre is trying to raise £2,500 to buy their latest 12-year-old horse named Patch who helps visually impaired riders.

"He had never done Riding for the Disabled until January this year and has gone from that to qualifying for the National Championships," added Janet.

"He came here for me to sell for his owner but we gave him a go and he just worked so we can't sell him now."

Also at the Hoarwithy stable is Rio who competed at London 2012 and has won a host of international medals.