BUDDING golfers from across the county received some expert advice from a professional and practice their skills on the Edgar Street pitch recently.

European Tour golfer Oliver Farr held a golf clinic to pass on his expertise to youngsters at Burghill Golf Club last week.

It was at Saturday morning coaching sessions that Farr gained a passion for the sport.

"It wasn't until I was 15 that I started to dedicated my life to golf, said Farr.

"I kept training ang improving and I'm now in my seventh year as a professional. I like doing all I can to help them play and enjoy golf and junior sections are a big part of golf."

As part of Shropshire and Herefordshire Golf Month some 50 school children from across the county came along played golf on the pitch of Hereford FC.

The children from Whitington Primary, Stretton Sugwas C of E Academy and Wellington Primary played three different golf games including chipping the golf ball from the stands onto the penalty area, putting along the touchline and 'beat the keeper'.

All three schools in attendance have been offered the chance for Burghill Valley Golf Club or Kington Golf Club to come along for golf sessions in the school.

For more information follow Shropshire and Herefordshire Golf Month you can also email m.romasiuk@englnadgolf.org.