HEREFORD Dynamix Trampoline Club have started the year in style with five members of the club accepting into the regional squad and members won a host of medals at their second competition.

Max Cotterrell (age 10), Marcus Carey Powell (13), Jazmine O'Leary (14), Emily Godsall (15), and Abigail Godsall (17) have all starting Elite West Midlands Trampoline & Double Mini Trampoline (DMT) squad training and are looking forward to the events training with the team may unlock.

The squad will be training towards an international event in November of this year.

Sam Board, Head Coach at the Hereford Trampoline Club, will be supporting the elite gymnasts with their development having been selected as one of the assisting squad coaches.

In addition successful performances at the second regional trampoline competition saw club members return with an array of medals.

Gold podium positions went to Catherine Sheridan, Lilly Mills, Max Cotterrell, Bailee-Jo Horton, Tristan Watts, Emily Potter and Frankie Morgan. Silver went to Eva Webb, Tessa Morgan, Emily-Jane Cox and Katy Handley while bronze went to Anna Inglis.

Team victories also went to Lilly Mills, Amy-Rose Stevens and Ella Jennings at NDP 1 trampoline while Charlotte Walden, Emily-Jane Cox, Katy Handley and Alice Linnitt won NDP 2 trampoline.

Finally Emily Potter, Shannon O'Leary, Rebecca Board and Charlotte Walden won NDP 2 DMT.