HEREFORD FC have revealed that they made £5,709 profit during the financial year ending May 2017 with a turnover of 711,686.

It was the club's second financial year after making a profit of £21,127 for their first full year of trading.

Comparing the financial years match-day ticket sales fell from £387,155 to 185,405, but season tickets sales grew accumulating for £197,683.

Merchandise sales, were helped by the Bulls reaching the FA Vase Final during the financial year ending May 2016 so understandably fell from £261,285 to £102,909.

Sponsorship and advertising which helps the club greatly increased, bringing in £141,475 compared to £135,999 in 2016, with matchday programme sales and bar profits falling slightly compared to the first financial year,

Wages to the club's management team and players also rose between the two financial years from £202,968 to 256, 718, which included signing on fees, bonuses relating to appearances, goals, clean sheets and winning the league.

Wages to non-playing staff also increased from £74,758 to 97,937 with merchandise purchases falling from £169,296 to £90,698.

Refurbishment and general repairs costs to the ground fell from £296, 095 in their first year to £50,565 in the second year.

Hereford also paid £1,666 for the ground lease during their second financial year. The money made from mascot fees was £1,164 in the second finanical year compared to £183 in 2016.