A WOMEN'S development league has been launched by the Herefordshire Football Association.

Games are held at Hereford Academy on the first two Sundays of each month, with Hay St Mary's beating Belmont Wanderers 10-2 last weekend.

"The emphasis is very much on participation, enjoyment and providing a platform to play at a competitive level," said HFA football strategy manager Jonny Walker.

"Most of the teams involved hold regular training sessions, and until now have lacked the opportunity to play regular matches.

"We very much hope the new league will be the catalyst for many others to consider trying their hand at football.

"Importantly, it also provides a pathway for those girls who are moving on from junior football into senior football.

"We have seen a dramatic rise in the interest in women’s football and we are lucky to have some very pro-active clubs.

"It is extremely important that we supplement this with as many opportunities to participate in the game as we can."

The matches are split into three 30 minute periods, with players being rotated and 'roll on, roll off' subs being used.

Meanwhile in the Midwest Counties Female League, goals from Emily Morgan, Amy Bradley and Carys Prosser saw Hereford Lads Club maintain their 100% start with a 4-0 win over AFC Bridgnorth.