A LEDBURY teenager has completed his first rally in Anglesey.

Robert Wilson, 14, drove a 20-year-old Nissan Micra and tried hard to match times with the more modern cars.

Trying to negate the power, Robert sought to maintain momentum through the many chicanes on the course resulting in a few bumps.

The uneven contest was levelled when the rain came at lunchtime and Robert was able to set top times beating many of these more experienced drivers.

Having managed to set times in the top five of the juniors in the timed stages, Robert was well inside the top 10 when unfortunately his gearbox broke in the final stage, meaning he had to coast to the finish.

The teenager, who will next be in action on an airfield near Harlech in North Wales, says he is thankful for his support, but is on the look-out for any companies that can offer a hand, such as a mechanic or anyone that can change tyres or parts.

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