HEREFORDSHIRE'S Hall Family Taekwondo helped break a Guinness world record for the largest taekwondo display.

The record attempt involved every participant moving in time to a set routine for a specified amount of time.

Anyone not meeting the criteria would be disqualified from the final count.

Instructor Luke Hall to help lead the performance, with 24 of his students travelling to Coventry to try and break the record.

Until earlier this year, the record stood at just over 500 people, before it was broken in the summer when more than 800 people took part.

Problems on the motorway on the day led to over 200 students stuck in traffic and unable to get to the event on time, resulting in numbers below that required to break the record.

Parents and grandparents of the students, as well as members of the public, stood, resulting in 949 people successfully completing the routine.

The Hall Family members who took part were: Dan Sneddon, Luke hall, Sarah-Jane Walsh, Colin Pugh, Jon Walsh, Shane hall, Janka Kajuchova, Susie Hawkins, Hannah Clery, Nathan Jones, Sarah Hall, Harry Whittall, Tiegan hawker, Violet Blake, Michael Hall, Thais Eastman, Evan Pugh, Harry Jones, Marko Baran, Theo Hill, Cody Jones, Bethany Raybould, Connor Jones and Lucian Eastman.