PARALYMPIC golden boy Sascha Kindred will be speaking to British Swimming next month to see if they think he has what it takes to compete in next year's World Championships.

The 38-year-old is almost certain that Rio was his last ever Paralympics after winning his sixth gold medal and breaking the world record in the 200m individual medley.

However he is keen to compete in Mexico City.

"There will be a review meeting with British Swimming next month, but I would like to do another World Championships," said Kindred.

"That's where I started back in 1994 so it will be nice to do another one.

"I'm in the water eight times a week at two hours a time, so it's pretty intense.

"Because of my injuries, I can only do water work, so I'm just resting at the moment.

"But I would like to do another Worlds.

"I will speak to my coach and speak to British Swimming and see what happens."

Kindred flew back home last week and has been resting at his Hereford home with his wife Nyree and daughter Ella.

The City of Hereford Swimming Club ace was initially disqualified from competing in the final of the 200m individual medley before being reinstated following an appeal.

Kindred then stormed to victory in a new world record time to win gold.

He said he has watched the race back a number of times.

"It's nice to watch it back and listen to the comments from people who were being really positive and saying nice things about me," said Kindred.

"I've already seen [coach] Emma Patrick and went back to Leominster over the weekend.

"Halo have been really supportive over the 10 years and I couldn't have done any of this without them or Emma, who has been with me the best part of 17 years.

"She knows how to prepare me and the performance came together on the night."

Kindred admitted that a press officer was told to calm him down after he heard he was disqualified for an alleged leg infringement in his heat.

"I was swearing and the press officer was told to calm me down because I was making a scene," he said.

"My coach then said an appeal had gone in and I should focus as if I was preparing for a final."

Nyree, who has herself enjoyed a successful Paralympic career before retiring from Swimming, had to watch the drama unfold at home.

"I was watching it on TV when I heard the news," she said.

"Emma was trying to speak to people she know and I was doing the same.

"Sascha then texted me a couple of hours later to say he was back in."

Emma Patrick also faced a nervous wait.

"The range of disability within each class is huge and you have to accept that the officials are experienced and knowledgeable enough to understand each disability," she explained.

"As a coach you cannot train a swimmer to be the best within a range which will be appear safe just in case of misinterpretation

"As a swimmer with cerebral palsy and hemiplegia, Sascha is not symmetrical in the water and this affects balance and body reaction.

"I understand it was after bio mechanical evidence that Sascha was reinstated."

Kindred was handed lane number three for the final and came out just after Brazilian hero Tallison Glock.

Kindred's music of choice was "The Suicide Squad" soundtrack, called "Sucker for Pain" and Harder than You Think, by Public Enemy, which was adopted by Channel 4 for their Paralympics coverage.

However, Kindred chose to remove his headphones to hear the roar the home crowd greeted Glock.

"I found it quite exciting and told myself that they were cheering for me," said Kindred.

Patrick added that she shouted so loud when she saw Kindred had a chance of a gold medal that her dog started to howl.

"I remember being close to the tv on my knees with tears in my eyes," she said.

Kindred's supporters will have a chance to show their appreciation at a special 'homecoming' event for him at Hereford LeftBank on October 8.

"It will be nice to have a homecoming and share my success with the people of Hereford and show them my medal," added Kindred.