HEREFORD Combat Academy fighter Mitch Young comfortably beat Scott Vincent on the Pain Pit Contenders mixed martial arts show at Abertillery Leisure Centre in South Wales.

Young, a level three student, dominated his opponent in the first round and controlled the fight from the mount position.

In the second round, Young secured a take down and quickly transformed to the mount.

A cross face to arm-bar attack saw Vincent, who fights for the Ground Zero team, defend the attack.

But that led to Young using a rolling arm bar to maintain his attack on the arm and, with one second of the round remaining, made his opponent submit with a belly down arm bar.

Meanwhile, level two MMA fighter Ben Oliver overcame Reuban Dunne from Iron Warriors.

After an initial exchange of strikes, Oliver took his opponent down and transitioned to the mount.

Further strikes set up a mounted triangle attack and Oliver Ben rolled to his back to tighten the attack, resulting in his opponent submitting midway through the first round.

Hereford Combat Academy coach Dave Coles said he was very proud of his students.

"I can't begin to explain how stressful, worrying and emotional it was watching these two step into the cage, I worry about them as if they were my own sons," he said.

"I'm a very emotional and super proud coach."