NICK Smith says he was not prepared to stick it out at Bromyard Town after deciding to walk away from the Delahay Meadow side.

Town are due to face Wellington Amateurs tomorrow night in a vital game at the bottom of West Midlands (Regional) League Premier Division.

But, according to Smith, both that game and the final game of the season at Ellesmere Rangers this Saturday will not go ahead because "the players do not want to play for them."

Smith, who claims he has put in £21,000 of his own money into the club over the past two years, says he has already been offered two jobs, including one higher up the football pyramid.

"I tried to get them over the line and see where it left us, but we won't be able to fulfil our next two fixtures now, which is a shame," said Smith.

"The problem is people come and go, which is not good for the club, and I struggled to use the same side week by week.

"Players were going to [Worcester] Raiders or Powick and some didn't want to stick it out any more.

"I find it hard to communicate with the board and they didn't help me.

"They keep the ship running, but it's about progression.

"I have put £11,000 in this year, £10,000 in last year, but if they didn't want me next year, then there is no point putting more money in, because it's 'dead money'.

"It was getting insufferable."

Both Bromyard Town chairman Richard Greenhall and secretary Tony Haverfield were unaware Smith had stepped down when contacted by the Hereford Times earlier this morning.