ROSS-ON-WYE rower Morgan Baynham-Williams steered Oxford University to a resounding victory over their Cambridge counterparts in very tough conditions in the Women's Boat Race this afternoon.

The triple GB world U23 medalist did a brilliant job as cox, realising it was best to move the boat over near the bank where the water was calmer.

The move paid off because Cambridge really struggled during the latter part of the race and, at one stage, it looked like they wouldn't finish it due to the amount of water that was entering their boat by Barnes Bridge.

Oxford ended up winning by more than a minute, with their time clocked at 21 mins 49.

"It got pretty wavy out there and I think there was a point that I realised the waves were outweighing the benefit of the stream," Baynham-Williams told the BBC following the race.

"We had the pumps on and off all the way trying to get the water out and they did such a good job where the winds picked up and we could barely hold onto the boat.

"I just tried to drive it out of the wash as best I could and as we came round the corner by Barns, I could see the stream was pretty good there and the waves had gone down a bit.

"I just thought, 'right lets just stay there'.

Oxford president Maddy Badcott praised Baynham-Williams' strategy.

"We are so lucky to have Morgan, she absolutely smashed it," she said.