SOUTH Wye Police Boxing Academy's Yusuf Abdallah said he felt the pressure to perform in his home city during a charity night at Hereford Sixth Form College.

Abdallah starred for an England and Wales combined team against the Armed Forces on a quality night of boxing.

The popular star, who only took up boxing two years ago, claimed a unanimous victory against 2 Para Regiment's Curtis Bowie.

"The pressure was phenomenal with your home town fans screaming your name," said Abdallah.

"You want to do well and the drive just comes from within.

"I have waited to get on the show for a year, so to get all the support and the win, I feel blessed.

"It's different to any other sport I have done, that is why I love boxing.

"It's one-on-one competition and I'm 3 and 0 now, so I'm quite happy and my coach has done a terrific job."

Abdallah said he got involved with South Wye Police Boxing Academy after he joined a session held at Hereford Sixth Form College.

"Initially, I was looking to get into kick-boxing, but the stuff they were doing, I really liked," he explained.

"The hands, head movement and defensive side of boxing is something I really like.

"They have got great coaching down at the club – it's a great learning environment.

"I had the pleasure of training alongside some of the England members the day before the show and it was great.

"I have only been involved in boxing for two years, so it was really good experience to be involved with the England guys and the coaches.

"Ultimately, I want to be a doctor, but at the same time, I want to take my amateur boxing career as far as I can."

South Wye Police Boxing Academy coach Vince McNally said he was pleased with how Abdallah fought.

"He boxed really well, his movement just outclassed his opponent," said McNally.

"He's still a work in progress and we've got some stuff to work on, but he was very good."

A total of 10 bouts took place on the evening and it was left to Shawn O'Sullivan, from Aston, to claim a split decision against the Royal Navy's Tony Osmond to ensure England and Wales came out on top, winning 6-4.

That contest earned the bout of the night, with Osmond claiming the Hereford Times Cup for Most Gallant Boxer.

The best boxer of the night went to Jewellery Quarter's Jordan Thompson, who outfought Scott Holiday, from the Royal Navy. Humza Basharat got things going for England and Wales by overcoming Shahim Khan in the opening contest before The Army's Sam Webster beat Ash Talleghani.

The Forces were then 2-1 up after Ian McConondichie won a split decision against Aston's Carl Waldron.

McConondichie said it was a pleasure to be part of the show.

"We're lucky enough to be full time, so we train all week and we then get to be put on shows like this," he said.

"I had four junior bouts when I was about 14 and got back into the sport about seven years later.

"I did my training with the Navy and started back up with the Navy squad.

"All the squad are based in Nelson in Portsmouth and I'm from Plymouth.

"It was all very well organised and some good bouts."

England and Wales made it 2-2 on the night after Gerome Warburton beat Ben Pringle before they went 3-2 up thanks to Abdallah's win.

Back came the Forces though, who levelled things up after Callum Lynn overcame Jordan Fisher before the Royal Navy's Lee Gray beat Tamworth's Niall Hatton.

It was then 4-4 following Thompson's win before England and Wales went ahead after Richard Davies beat Sal Hill, of the Royal Air Force, via a technical knock-out after Hill's corner through the towel in.

O'Sullican and Osmond then produced a fantastic last bout, which could have gone either way.

But O'Sullican clinched it ensure England and Wales were victorious.