A HEREFORD swimmer claimed a glut of medals at the South East Wales Regional Championships.

Oliver Jones, who trains five days a week with City of Cardiff Swimming Club, snapped up 13 gold medals and one silver in his individual events at the meeting in Newport.

He also gained a silver in the 10-13 years medley relay, as well as various Welsh national qualifying times.

"It has been a really great experience and the whole team had some great swims," said Oliver, who is coached in Cardiff by David Cocks and Graham Wardell.

"I would like to thank all the coaching team for their help and support."

Oliver's father Alan Jones said the 10-year-old, who lives in Belmont, was able to swim 50m when he was just two years old.

"He had all his swimming lessons at Malvern when he was five and passed everything by the time he was seven," said Alan.

"In the first weekend in Newport, he was the top seeded in his age group in the individual medley and the next best swimmer was one minute and 20 seconds slower than him.

"He is really enjoying it and feels as if the club in Cardiff is a family-run club."