ON odd occasions this season we have thrown in a really poor performance which has led to an embarrassing result and it was very similar at Peterborough.

The difference between Peterborough and previous games of that nature was that Peterborough have assembled a very expensive squad, full of experienced and decent players. If they do not go up this time, then they will be a force next season.

But we contributed very much to our own downfall. To concede a goal without having a touch of the ball is unforgivable.

Some of our defending was shocking and not just from the lads at the back, but as a team.

Maybe it shows that we have to be at our best to compete with some of the better teams in this league. When we are not at our best, the result can be embarrassing.

We will go through it with the players, we will watch the video nasty' and the big thing now is to try to remedy it for Saturday.

A few weeks ago, we were thinking that it had been a decent season for us. We don't want to end on a note whereby we believe it has been a major disappointment. It has not been that but things have been highlighted that we have to put right for next season if we are going to compete.

The surprise about Saturday was that, generally, when we have gone to the big clubs and clubs in contention for promotion, we have done very well.

There have been times when we have lost games, such as at Walsall and at Hartlepool, that I have held my hands up and said that we did not have the best of luck but we have worked hard, played reasonably well and things did not go our way.

But there have been other occasions, and Peterborough was a case in point, where the standard of performance, both individually and collectively, was unacceptable.

All we can do now is to work hard through this week and next in the hope of getting two results that allow us to finish the season on a high.

We could not have a better home match than against Shrewsbury Town who are well in contention for a promotion place. There will be a good crowd and a good atmosphere here and, more often than not, we have responded well to the better-attended games.

Shrewsbury have had a good season and look likely to make the play-offs, so there is an opportunity for our players to meet that challenge head-on again to make amends for the Peterborough performance.