Wales recorded a 5-4 win over England to clinch the Hereford Times Cup – Wales' boxers named first.

1. Rose Eccles (Chepstow) beat Laura Stevens (Farr Cotton); unanimous decision.

2. James Moss (Cwmbran) lost to Ash Taleghani (Jewellery Quarter); split decision.

3. Kyle Morrison (Pembroke) beat Connor Jones (Lions); split decision.

4. Nico Morrison (Pembroke) beat Mohammed Gharib (Finchley); unanimous decision.

5. Gavin Gwynne (Trelewis) beat Ryan Turner (Chesterfield); split decision.

6. Jordan Thomas (Heads of Valleys) lost to Jordan Thompson (Jewellery Quarter); split decision.

7. Kieran Gethin (Pontypool) beat Michael Pardoe (Droitwich); split decision.

8. Sam Pickering (Deva) lost to Richard Robinson (Birmingham City); split decision.

9. David Walker (Pontypool) lost to Ryan Hatton (Tamworth); unanimous decision.