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Hereford FC open meeting


Hereford FC open meeting

By Paul Rogers

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    Standing room only as supporters hear the proposal.
  • Thirty people, including Gareth Davies, are turned away due to no more room being available.
  • The group is fronted by Jon Hale, a Malvern-based businessman and life-long Hereford United supporter.
  • Hale has been confirmed as Hereford FC's new chairman; other posts include: Hugh Brookes - finance director, George Webb - commercial director and Phil Eynon - governance director.
  • The proposal is being backed by Hereford United Supporters Trust (HUST).
  • Both Hale and Williams will provide presentations tonight, which will be followed by a question and answer session.
  • Williams will be the club's vice-chairman, while posts will also be handed to two other HUST board members.
  • Three benefactors, who wish to remain anonymous, have pledged £150,000 as a start-up for the new club; each will receive 10 per cent in shares, while HUST has an organisation will get 50 per cent.
  • Meetings have been held with Herefordshire Council regarding Hereford FC becoming the new tenant of Edgar Street.
  • The council will be discussing the new tenancy at next Thursday's Cabinet meeting; documents released indicate that are-locating Edgar Street "could be a long-term option". That possibility has not gone well among some supporters and Hale has said that it has never been mentioned to him and his group during the dealings they have had with the council.
  • Hereford FC have to submit an application to the Football Association by March 1 in order for them to be allocated a league to play in from next season; having ground security is key to this.
  • The club will budget for gates of 650, with 200 season e all .
  • No one will be allowed to watch matches for free.
  • The club will wear white next season, with the Hereford Bull emblazoned on it. A competition will be held to determine the colour of the away shirt and what the badge will look like.