TOMMY Agombar has sold his shares in Hereford United to a ‘purchaser of distressed debts’.

The former majority shareholder revealed on Tuesday he wasn’t allowed to be involved in United because he did not pass the FA owners and directors test for club ownership.

A statement from Marc Landsman, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, says Agombar is no longer associated with the company or club.

“In the absence of any realistic offers from anyone with links to the football club to buy his debts Mr Agombar sold them to an independent third party introduced to him as a purchaser of distressed debts and similar,” said Landsman.

“As at the time of this update (midnight on Thursday 14 August) no claim or proxies had been received from the new owner (a limited company) in relation to these debts.

“The shares were sold to the same company."

Landsman added: “They were sold by Mr Agombar since the Football Association had made it clear that if he did not cut all potential positions of power within the club (including the debt owed to him since they considered that this could place him in position of control due to the high level of debt) the football club ran the risk of being suspended or expelled from the Southern Football League.”