ADVISOR Andy Lonsdale has finally cleared up the ‘cheques-in-the-post’ saga which angered Hereford United’s players and fans.

Two former members of Hereford United’s backroom staff claimed Lonsdale showed them a photocopy of cheques which had been made out in their name.

However, the cheques did not arrive on their doorstep.

“The cheques were written out to pay the football creditors and big sponsors were due to drop the money in but, at the last minute, the sponsors backed out,” Lonsdale told the Hereford Times.

“That was due to the bad press from Bulls Banter, Bulls News and the Hereford Times and they said 'Sorry, we can’t be associated with this'.

“There were two backers and they both pulled out.”

However, advisor Joel Nathan says the club has some other big sponsors lined up.

“If the big one we are hoping to pull off came in time, we would not have to go into a CVA,” he said.

“They will give us the money and we could pay it off in one go.

“As the team starts playing, I am sure they will want to get involved.

“The company is not a local computer shop, this is a multi-national company.”