PEOPLE should not be thinking about the prospect of a phoenix club while Hereford United is still in existence, says advisor Joel Nathan.

A consortium of local businessmen have pitched a phoenix club idea to Herefordshire Council and even Hereford United legend Graham Turner says it is the only way forward.

But Nathan said today: “Their aim is to create a phoenix club and it’s farcical for people to think like that.

“They have to run a stadium, run a football team, deal with the FA, deal with the league, opposition and registrations and compete on the pitch.

“It would be a joke and they would need the relevant cash-flow to do it.”

“It’s talking passion rather than sense.”

He added: “No-one in the Southern League is going to be getting crowds anywhere near what we get - if 500 people turn up the first game that is a decent crowd for the Southern League.

“We have not got to go out there and get 2,000 people. I would be amazed if we didn’t get around 500 people for the first game.”

Advisor Andy Lonsdale admits he’s not too worried about fans threatening to boycott home matches.

“With all the talk on Bulls Banter and Bulls News about boycotting games – if fans want to boycott games that’s their prerogative,” he said.

“The turnstiles will be open and we will still be playing football.

“It’s still Hereford United. A phoenix team will cost so much money to set up and you won’t be getting football this year and you will then be playing in local parks.

“I don’t understand why Hereford United Supporters Trust was set up while Hereford United was running under David Keyte.

“Why didn’t they just come to David Keyte and say they weren’t happy and offered him some money to help sort it out.

“We have come from London to save the club and the Herefordians want to kill it.”

Meanwhile, Lonsdale has defended the club’s decision to appoint Pegasus’ girls’ coach as United’s assistant manager.

“When we came to this club, Neil was part of the coaching team and I think Neil deserves the opportunity,” said Lonsdale.

“He’s a local lad who is getting a load of grief and it’s a great opportunity for him. Hereford is a massive club and I think Neil will do well.”